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Exploring the watersheds of the Salmon, Snake, and Grande Ronde Rivers is what we do…all summer long. And in 2017 we’ve added another fun and exciting layer to our explorations of the Salmon with Dr. Ruthi Davenport. The lucky 6-12 year olds who will join this trip will be guided in their explorations of the plants, animals, water, rocks, and people of the Salmon’s Watershed. Ruthi is a river rat herself and appreciates the free-form nature of river trips. She’s excited to bring a soft layer of learning to beach time, to build on the already curious nature of kiddos and offer knowledge and guidance to explorations. Ruthi will include music as well to make times like evening campfires a truly memorable experience.

And Penny and Paul are of course SUPER excited about this trip as they’ve been wanting to add naturalist experiences for kids for years. “We take advantage of ‘teachable moments’ on the river to incorporate learning. However, having Ruthi along with a sole focus on mentoring the kids will provide the kids a truly wonderful and life-forming experience.”

This trip is open to all members of a family. In camp, parents will relax while their kids explore and learn with Ruthi. Give Penny and Paul a call to reserve your seats on this fantastic family adventure.