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The Fishing Report

Another Great Day on the Grande Ronde

The weather has turned to winter in Joseph but that has not affected the fishing on the Grande Ronde River near Troy. We have about 6 inches of snow at our house and it is a little difficult to still think about fishing but these pictures are a great reminder that it is still happening down there. These guys caught 4 beautiful steelies on Sunday. They were using a Prince Nymph and strike indicator.

The air temperature has been below freezing in the early morning causing some freezing line issues but after about 10am it warms up and the fish turn on. The water temp is still holding in the upper 30’s but I suspect with the snow and colder night time air temps we will see this begin to dip into the lower 30’s soon.

There is still time left for you to take advantage of the great run this year. The crowds have been slim even on the weekends. Probably due to the area snow as well as Elk Hunting Season. We are not giving up yet.

See you in Troy.