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The Fishing Report

Cold Water Tactics

The water on the Grande Ronde has gone from too warm to too cold in a hurry. With that cold rain and extreme shift in weather 2 weeks ago, we have seen the water temp go from low 50’s to 40 and below almost overnight.

The Oregon Grande Ronde top water action has slipped by quickly this year. We are now turning to sinking tips and trying to get down deep to those fish that are holding up in the deep pools. Tom had some success yesterday but only landed a few smaller hatchery Steelhead. He is going to try some nymphing today and see how that goes. The air temps have been in the teens overnight. We are hopeful that as the temperature stabilizes in the low 40’s the fish will become more predictable and active.

I will let you know how things go as I get more news from the river. If you are heading to the river this week be sure to bring your sink tips, as well as some Prince Nymphs.