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The Fishing Report

“Fish On” The Wallowa is Happening!

Tom had a great week of Fly fishing on the Wallowa River last week. The river has finally dropped to a level low and slow enough to fish. We are beginning to see the Stone and Salmon flies hatching on the Wallowa. The fish have not quite discovered the dry fly but are certainly interested in the nymph. We have been catching 15 to 20 fish per day with most of them being beautiful Rainbows. With a few of those in the 18 inch range. The # 10 Prince Nymph is once again providing on the Wallowa River.

As the water continues to drop and green up we expect the fish to begin looking up once again for a few meals. This combined with the strong arrival of the Stone and Salmon Fly Hatch should produce some spectacular fishing. We are looking forward to a productive July.

We are also looking forward to fishing below Minam in the roadless section of the Wallowa River canyon on Saturdays and then catching the train back up river to Minam. This will open up a lot of incredible Trout Water for day trips.

I will do my best to leave posts as we have new information and experiences on the Rivers of Wallowa County. I have also been hearing stories of 30 lb Salmon being caught on the Imnaha River.

Drop me a line to learn more about taking advantage of the Train Shuttle out of the Wallowa River Canyon from Rondowa on Saturdays. This will be happening until August 1st.