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The Fishing Report

Grande Ronde River Steelhead Fishing October 29th

Jake and Mike came to fly fish for Steelhead on the Grande Ronde River with us last week.  They both had success catching multiple Wild Steelhead on the Nymph.  They had to leave on Thursday but I am sure we will see them again soon.

Tom and I fished with some great guys yesterday.  We floated from Mud Creek down to Troy on the Grande Ronde.  The pressure was pretty light considering it was a Saturday.   Looked like everyone was fishing down in Washington.  Sure do like avoiding the crowds and catching Steelhead in Oregon.

We found the water to be in great condition still.  Flowing clear and around 800 cfs and holding around 45 degrees at mid day.  The fishing was a little slow or as I was informed on the river that day totally stopped because we had not caught any fish by noon.  Then we got into a nice run the was getting shaded up and that turned the fish on catching 2 hatchery steelhead in that spot right after the sun went behind the canyon rim.  Not a banner day of “Catching” but you can’t complain when you catch 2 under a big blue sunny sky at the end of October.  This might be the beginning of the Hatchery Fish Pulse.

We have been catching nothing but Wild steelhead up until Saturday the 29th.  The numbers are showing that there should be a big pulse of Hatchery fish coming our way. We are looking forward to a great November on the Grande Ronde.