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The Fishing Report

Great Weekend on the Ronde!

Tom called me from Troy yesterday with a great report. His clients caught some beautiful Steelhead including 2 Wild Fish 32 and 28 inches long. These were caught swinging old faithful, the Purple Spey. This is solid confirmation that Steelhead are making their way steadily up the Grande Ronde. Tom also talked to some anglers who had been fishing the lower river below Boggan’s Oasis, who reported having 25 fish days. They are on their way and we are getting excited.

The local weather is definitely cooperating with or hopes of increased flow and decreased temps. We had 12 inches of snow at our house just outside of Joseph on Saturday. Tom reported about 1/2 an inch of rain in Troy. This increased the flow on the river to 900 cfs without blowing the river out. The water is still clear and has cooled to about 52 degrees. Conditions are perfect. With snow in the mountains and warming air temperatures coming this week we should see a steady release of all of that water keeping the flows up and cool. Yahoo!

Tom returns from Troy this evening and I will post his photos as soon as I have them. This is going to be an incredible week of fishing with warm temps and lots of fish in the system. Catching Steelhead in a T-Shirt is an experience that we should all experience. See you on the River.