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The Fishing Report

Low Water on Wallowa

We fished the Wallowa River on Wednesday and found the river to be low and clear.  We have never seen the river this low this time of year.  The water clarity was also remarkable.  The water temperature was 41 degrees at about 4pm.  We found this to be a great day for trout fishing, with multiple trout caught over the 16 inch range.  Steelhead were not cooperating with us however.
We did meet a few guys from Weezer who had been fishing all day who had caught 4 Steelhead in the morning.  We are blaming our poor luck on those guys fishing all of our water so hard in the morning.  We were encouraged by their report and look forward to getting back down there to give it another shot.

Report from the Imnaha.  The Imnaha is still running Low and Clear.  At only 150cfs the Imnaha is not producing many steelhead yet.  Keep an eye on the Stream Flow gage and when it get down there after the water comes up to between 3 and 500 cfs.  I will keep you posted as I hear reports from the Imnaha.

Steelhead Train is still on hold but I did speak to the new operators yesterday and they have not given up completely on the idea of running the Steelhead Train for at least a few weekends in march.
Stay tuned.