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The Fishing Report

Steelhead Fishing Season is upon us.


Steelhead are being caught more and more frequently on the Grande Ronde River near Troy, OR. It is time for us to begin a fall of fly fishing for Steelhead. I will be making more frequent posts, reporting what we find and hear about on the Grande Ronde. I will also be posting creel reports and fish count reports. Stay tuned.

Sorry for the big delay in postings. Penny and I had a baby, so focus has been shifted away from fishing for just a bit. I am back on track now and will do my best to keep you up to date on the steelhead happenings in Troy.
We are also beginning to work on the Wallowa River Steelhead Train plan for this Spring. What a great time we all had fishing from the train on the Wallowa last season. The WURR has decided against offering this service again this season, but there is another option coming down the pipe that might make for an even more enjoyable experience down there. We are thinking more frequent trips down into the canyon and cutting the volume in half of last year. I will keep you posted. Contact me with any questions about the train and fishing on the Wallowa this year.
We are also filling up our last supported steelhead trip for this season. October 29th – Nov 2nd. There are 2 seats left. Give me a call if you want to join in on this group.