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The Fishing Report

Things are changing on the Grande Ronde

We had lots of people fishing on the Grande Ronde this weekend. The last supported steelhead trip between Minam and Troy pulled off of the River on Sunday. They reported decent fishing with most guys catching 4 or 5 fish through out the trip. They were mainly catching wild fish while nymphing. The big news of that trip was the weather. Big sunny days with temperatures in the 60’s. Totally unheard of this time of year.

Our lead fishing guide Tom had clients in the Troy section all weekend. They didn’t catch a sniff of a fish on Friday but they were not the only ones getting skunked out there. Then on Saturday and Sunday they began to see that big slug of Hatchery lunkers show up. They hooked 4 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday. The river conditions stayed consistent all weekend, clear and about 49 degrees and flowing about 1,000 cfs. This was surprising with all of the rain that was falling in Joseph.

It all changed on Sunday afternoon. The river cranked up to 1200cfs and turned a bit brown on us. We also experienced some snow on our drive home this day. The good news is that the big pod of fish is showing up and this big flush of fresh water should bring the in to the Troy area in Force. We are expecting to see some big numbers coming out of there in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.