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The Fishing Report

Wallowa River Flows

Sorry for the delay in posting.  It has been a bit of a crazy month and the water levels have been all over the charts.  The volatility in the flows has made for some challenging spring Steelhead fishing on the Wallowa.  We spent 4 days fishing between Minam and Rondowa and only landed 1 Steelhead over the weekend of March 23rd.  We caught a bunch of Rainbows and Whitefish but for some reason the Steelhead were difficult for us to hook into.

All of that being said.  The Steelhead fishing season is coming to an end.  We only have until April 15th to get out there and catch the big one.  I have not been fishing since our depressing experience over the 23rd but just looked at the river levels and I would say now is the time to have success.  All of the rivers are clamping down.  The Wallowa should be on a nice steady decline and I would assume is running clear as we have had a few cold clear nights.  You might find it to be a little high but very fish able.  This could all change in the next few days as it looks like we have some major precip coming our way.

Here is a link to the USGS Oregon Real Time Stream Flow page. Go there and keep an eye on the flows for the Lostine, Bear Creek, Minam and Grande Ronde Rivers to get an idea of what is happening on the Wallowa.  Unfortunately there is no gauge on the Wallowa.  If all of these rivers are steady or dropping you should find favorable conditions on the Wallowa.  Get out there and catch the big one before the season comes to a close and we have to wait until October to catch another Steelhead.