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The Fishing Report

Wallowa River Spring Steelhead Fishing Season is Finally Here.

Well we have broken the seal on the Wallowa River Steelhead Fishery for the Spring Season.  Tom, Mike and Cam went down to fish the Wallowa for the afternoon on Sunday this past weekend.  They reported fishing in short sleeves and baseball caps wishing they had remembered to bring more sunscreen.

The water was just as cooperative.  Running a little higher than they hoped but clear and very fishable.  They did not give me a water temp but we have to assume it is climbing up out of those cold, cold winter temps into more hospitable fish moving temps with all of the run-off.

Check Out These Steelhead!

Steelhead from Wallowa River
After fishing for a couple of hours Tom landed the 2 beauties shown in the photo above and Mike and Cam both reported have Steelhead on the line but unable to land them.  The 2 hatchery fish above are a nice representation of a typical 1 salt Buck (the top darker fish) and a Hen (the bright lower fish).

The Buck was 26+ inches in length and the Hen was in the 24 inch range.  Both of these Steelhead were caught nymphing with a large heavy Salmon Fly nymph.  Tom chose to use this large heavy fly because the flows were a little heavy and he needed to get down into fishing zone fast.  It is all about presentation and the most important thing is to get that fly down fast because the drifts are short.

We will just need to keep an eye on the river flows and get down there as the needle begins to drop.  The fish should continue to move into our fishing waters with the warm water running off.

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