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The Fishing Report

Wallowa River Steelhead February 22nd

A wintery day on the Wallowa yesterday produced a nice big Buck for Tom. He spent the day nymphing some of his favorite water and caught this Steelhead on our favorite little Red Winged Tungsten Head Prince Nymph. As you can see in the photo they had the pleasure of catching snowflakes on their tongues while waiting for the Steelhead to bite.

Tom reported good fishing conditions. Clear water with a temperature of 37 degrees. We would like to see this temperature get up a little more in the 40+ range to help make those fish a little more active. Tom also reported seeing a handful of other anglers out fishing but not crowded by any stretch.
Contact us if you need any fishing advice or if you would like to hire Tom for the day to show you where those big Steelies are hanging out. He is available for a Full Day or a Half Day of Walk Wade fly fishing on the the Wallowa.