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Wallowa River Steelhead Fishing Report March 3rd

Wallowa River Steelhead

Art’s Wallowa River Steelhead

Tom had a group of anglers out on the Wallowa River steelhead fishing over the week end.  The water was a little higher and browner than we would like but the guys persevered and caught some fish.  Art was the lucky one hooking into the Wild Buck Steelhead shown in the photo above.  Along with the Steelhead they caught some rainbow trout making for a nice day.

Tom reported seeing a lot of anglers out on the river on Saturday particularly below the Big Canyon hatchery and at the State Park.  He found the water to be on the verge of being blown out and 41 degrees.  They caught their fish using some heavy nymphs with egg pattern dropper trailing behind.  The high flows required some bug flies to get down fast enough to be effective.

We had a very rainy day on Sunday which sent the Grande Ronde River gauge at Troy from about 5,000 cfs to about 8,000 cfs.  This will likely have caused the Wallowa to officially blow out today.  The weather this week looks like it is going to bring more warm rain to the area so we don’t expect to see the Wallowa River clearing up until early next week.  We are hopeful that these big flows will help to bring more Steelhead up into the canyon improving the Wallowa River Steelhead Fishing.

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