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The Fishing Report

Wallowa River Steelhead Report March 19th

We fished the Wallowa again yesterday, March 18th. We found the fishing to be a little slow. The fish did not seem to be holding in the typical water that we usually find them in. They seemed to be on the move and very active. We did notice fish jumping and making their way upriver.

I took a water temp measurement and found that our measurement from the 17th was accurate. The water temp was 49degrees and has been holding. We are thinking that the runoff from last weeks snow event has caused this spike in the temperature. This has in turn energized those fish to get on the move.
The 2 Steelhead that we did catch yesterday were caught in the faster moving water at the top of the runs. The fish were hooked right where the water spilled from the swift riffle into the slower moving run. They seemed to be staging themselves in this water preparing for the big push up through the faster moving riffles.
The train goes out tomorrow so we should get some really good data about the fishing down there tomorrow night.
Let me know what you are finding out there.