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The Fishing Report

Wallowa River Steelhead Report March 29th

Fish were a little moody this weekend. We did have a beautiful day on Saturday but there was a huge Low pressure moving toward Joseph, OR and which showed up on Sunday. Tom and Jake fished for about 6 hours on Saturday and only caught 1 fish. They did however catch a nice sunburn. They thought that the low pressure caused the Bite to turn off.

On Sunday, the weather was totally unsettled and it finally let loose with rain Monday morning. It has been raining hard all morning in Joseph. I am expecting to see a little rise in the water flows along with a change in color on the Wallowa. This could certainly shut down the fishing for a day or two. This flush of fresh water could be a good thing, however. It might just get those steelhead to move up out of the lower canyon into the road accessible section of the Wallowa River. Tom or I will be back on the water tomorrow and I will let you know what we find.