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The Fishing Report

Wallowa River Steelhead Season Closes on Sunday

Quick update from the river.  The Wallowa and Imnaha rivers have been fishing great for the past few days.  We have had cold nights and warm days which have provided steady flows and clear waters.  I have heard positive reports from 3 rivers this week.

Imnaha River.  John and a buddy reported hooking 6 and landing 3 Steelhead on Monday and Tuesday of this week.  They did say that the water was 900cfs, a little higher than they would like but it was running clear.  They were able to find some slower moving runs that provided some success for them.

Big Sheep Creek: Morgan and a friend fished Big Sheep on Tuesday and reported high but clear water.  They landed 2 besutiful Wild Steelhead this day.

Wallowa River.  Tom fished the Wallowa this week and found it to be running green and only slightly high.  He thought the fishing conditions were great.  They landed 2 Steelhead above the Big Canyon Hatchery.

You only have 3 days left.  It is time to get out there and finish the season off with a bang.  This is also the time to begin planning your Fall Steelhead Fishing trip on the Grande Rond River.   We love to hear what you find out there so please send us your fishing reports and any photos that you want to brag about.

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