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The Fishing Report

Wallowa Steelhead Train March 12th

Tom just called in the report for the fishing train today. The morning was quite cold and after 2 hours of swinging his fly through the Honey hole he saw no action. Tom then took a break to ride back upriver on the train to coordinate other anglers. He got back to the honey hole at about 1pm and decided to put a nymph on. He tied on a truck and trailer rig with his heaviest Stone fly nymph tied above a Prince Nymph. This is when the fishing turned on. Tom proceeded to catch 12 Steelhead in 1 hour on that same rig. He heard similar reports up and down the river. After the sun got on the water after lunch the fish just turned on and people just started hooking up all over the river. I was concerned that the High winds that we have experienced all day in the valley would have blown them off of the river but this was not the case. The winds were not an issue in the Wallowa River canyon today.

Only 2 more days left on the fishing train, tomorrow and next Saturday. See you down there.
I will post some photos of Tom’s fish on Sunday when he has a chance to get up here and share them with me.