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Winter Steelhead Fishing on the Wallowa River

Winter Steelhead fishing has been productive, for those using the right tactics on the Wallowa River and Grande Ronde River this year.  The best success has been seen nymphing of course, but more specifically Euro Nymphing.  Winding Waters Guide Paul Paggano and Devin Olsen were Euro nymphing on the Grande Ronde River a week ago and each landed a couple of beautiful Steelhead, while the rest of the anglers they spoke to were not having any luck at all.

Steelhead Caught on the Magneto Stonefly

Grande Ronde River Steelhead

Grande Ronde River Steelhead caught on Devin Olsen’s Magneto Stonefly pattern.


We are fortunate to have Devin Olsen, a member of the Fly Fishing Team USA living and fishing in our neck of the woods, NorthEast Oregon.  He is a master of Euro nymphing and has written extensively about this style on his website http://www.tacticalflyfisher.com/blog/  I would highly recommend a look over there to learn more about Devin and all of his fly fishing tricks and tactics.  He also has a number of great fly tying tutorials showing you in depth video instruction on how to tie all of his favorite flies.  After you watch the tutorial you can purchase all of the necessary materials you need right there from his website.

The Wallowa River is fishing well right now.  Temperatures in the upper 30s with nice color.  Get out there and get those nymphs drifting.  Paul caught this beautiful Bull Trout down there last week.

Wallowa River Bull Trout

Wallowa River Bull Trout

We expect to be catching more Steelhead than Bull Trout in the coming weeks/months.  There are a lot of Steelhead waiting, down in the Grande Ronde  and roadless stretch of Wallowa river, for the right conditions to get them moving upstream.  When they do, we expect to have a great February and March fishing for steelhead on the Wallowa River.

The Grande Ronde River is currently experiencing a little flush of water, after some warmer air temperatures and rain in lower elevations sent water running downstream over the weekend.  The cfs at Troy, Oregon was up over 2600 but is now on a nice slide past 2400 hopefully on down to about 1400.  If it does continue on down you could see some good action down there using the right techniques.

Here is a copy of the current Creel Report from the Lower Grande Ronde River in Oregon and Washington.  Take a look and make of it what you will.

Grande Ronde River Creel Report 2016jan26

Get out there and catch one for us.  We always love to see pictures and hear your stories as well.

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