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The Gearboat Chronicles

Baby Linden

Linden Janet Arentsen, meet the world….World, this is Lindey. You two are going to get along great.

A great blue heron brought a little baby girl to the home of Penny and Paul last week. Six pounds, 13 ounces. One foot, eight inches tall. I saw her yawn the other day when Penny was holding her. Man, yawning babies are cute.

Here’s a conversation I think little Lindey is going to have a lot when she grows up:

Other person: “You grew up with parents who own a rafting company?”

Linden? “That’s right.”

Same person: “Your mom teaches classes in the mountains, backpacking with kids?”

Linden: “Right.”

Same other person: “Those mountains are right behind your house…plus you had horses to ride?”

Linden: “Morgan horses.”

That same person: “And your dad is a backcountry ski guide in the winters?”

Linden: “Yes, but tell me more about what it’s like to grow up in a cul-de-sac. That sounds fascinating.”

This kid couldn’t have nicer parents or be fixed up for a more interesting, fun upbringing. Linden, I know you’re focused right now on eating and sleeping, but later when you start counting, you’ll have lots and lots of blessings to add up.

The grownups who are peeking at you and saying how cute you are could probably count pretty high if they wanted to, but everybody’s kind of focused on just one blessing right now, Linden, and that’s you.

We’re all very happy for you, Arentsen family. You people couldn’t have happened to nicer people.