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The Gearboat Chronicles

Bestest Ever Soap For Rafting – Dr. Bronner’s

Get yourself a little travel bottle of this biodegradable Bronner’s and tuck it away with your personal items for the river trip. Wade out in the river at camp and give this stuff a go. You’ll thank me. Or track me down and make me pay for skin grafts.

A wee dab of Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Magic Peppermint Soap gives you the sensation of having been vigorously sandblasted by standing in the exhaust of a jet engine that runs on peppermint leaves and pumice stones. Invigorating is not the word. What’s the word for equal parts invigoration, tingling and adrenaline? Invigoradrenalinging? Yeah. That. It’s really good soap. Reeeaally good.

Take note: this stuff is super-concentrated so I recommend diluting it with water. Half and half is about right. Though I think the label says this is three times as strong as normal puny ho-hum soap.

About the label. It appears to have been written and designed by a revival tent preacher who commissioned the smallest possible type font just for the purpose of cramming in more proverbs and Rudyard Kipling snippets and fair trade logos and – I don’t know what all. My brain takes one sideways glance at that label, clocks out and refuses to have any more to do with it.


Bronner’s makes different versions, like lavender and rose and almond (what the what?) . . . but the few times I’ve tried those others I just didn’t get the same overall experience of feeling I’d been stung by a million harmless peppermint soap bees.

Available in the Winding Waters Boathouse Shop.

Phew. I feel cleaner just writing about peppermint Bronner’s.