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The Gearboat Chronicles

Buffalo Eddy, Snake River

Back from the Lower Salmon, which was running in the 16 to 17 thousand cfs range with probably the funnest wave train I’ve ever hopped on in Upper Bunghole Rapid. Just big, deep, rollercoaster waves that I would have liked to drag the boat up for another run at.

The Slide was also having a sale on big waves that were large enough to bounce my straw hat off. Sad to see that one go, but John Feeser found it in the river and gave it to me, so if John Feeser finds a straw hat and gives it to you, then set it free and if it comes back then start wearing it again, I guess.

Here’s super-swamper Silje Christoffersen at the oars of the gearboat with Todd Kruger supervising.

Not only can she row a 20-foot gearboat, this kid helped make the finest birthday cake in all the land for our other gearboater Patrick Baird, who turned 21 years of age last week. I think he can now get his drivers license, or vote, or something. I forget what 21 means, but somehow it’s significant. He’ll figure it out. Happy birthday, Patrick.

After the Salmon trip I hopped out in Asotin Washington and went up to explore around the lower part of the Grande Ronde and got a look at The Narrows, which is kind of a cousin to The Slide in that it can be mild or hair-raising, depending on the flow. Here’s a look at its mild phase.

The rock channel can be a narrow slot where you have to ship your oars and squeak through holding your breath. I’ve been through with Morgan at higher water where we didn’t have to ship our oars, but it had some interesting water that got the heart rate to go pittity-pat.

Joseph Creek is the drainage you see from the viewpoint between Enterprise and Lewiston, and it joins the Grande Ronde right below The Narrows, not far from the confluence with the Snake River above Heller Bar.

Saw a herd of elk about 40 strong along the banks of Joseph Creek, with this spike bull and another wapiti mingling with a horsie there on the left. Nice to see the animals getting along.

Then I paid a visit to Buffalo Eddy on the Snake, between Heller Bar and Asotin. Well worth checking out. Short walk down to the river with some impressive rock art. There’s more on the other side of the river and I look forward to crossing over to lay my eyes on those again.

Check these out.

Fishing’s good, with trout taking dries on the Wallowa. Floating is prime. Skies are blue. Rafting season is running full throttle. Summertime and the living is easy. Get out there and enjoy it. Better yet, come enjoy it with us on the river. We’d love to see you.