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The Gearboat Chronicles

Cache Creek Fire Photos and Sharp Knife PSA

Heya, just got back from a supercalifragilistic float down the Lower Salmon and then packed gear with Paul and Brent for the epic Plate & Pitchfork food extravaganza float down Hells Canyon that launches in a couple days.

In the spirit of local food production, I was just cutting up a deer in my kitchen but the ring finger of my left hand ran out in front of the knife, so while direct pressure seems to be working, this is a hunt-and-peck production because of the four-pound bandage and you’ll have to forgive me if this post leans toward brevity.

First off, the rivers that Winding Waters rafts are pretty. Exhibit A:

Secondly, Rattlesnake Ridge on the Salmon is one of my favorite backdrops. Mira:

Bula the Wonder Dog got to go on this trip and here’s what she looks like in a fetching yellow doggie life jacket:

Have I mentioned I adore the columnar basalt seen along the Salmon? Well, I do. Behold:

And here’s the view of Cache Creek itself from the mighty Snake River. Note the burnt grass that stops short of the visitor’s center. Good job firefighters. Them hills will be glowing green in the spring.

Here’s a look at the confluence of the Grande Ronde and Snake River. Unburnt, burnt, unburnt.

Okey doke. I’m going to go take another Excerin – and remember, friends: watch out for knives.

Back next week with pics from the Plate & Pitchfork trip. Also maybe I can type by then.