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The Gearboat Chronicles

Fish On: 2012 Steelhead Season Green Light

Guide Tom Farnam cracked the seal on steelheading this morning . . . mark the time – Friday October 5th, 9:24 in the am at an undisclosed run on the Grande Ronde above Troy, Tom felt the tug.
And this here is what did the tugging – bright female. Now residing in a barbecue in Joseph, Oregon.

That’s about a 24-incher, though the spey rod kind of dwarfs it into looking smallisher.

Tom hooked up again 15 minutes later but that one spit the hook. Felt like a big one, Tom says. Sure, Tom, sure.

A recent drop in temperatures and uptick in flows seems to have flipped the switch and Tom’s conversations with fisher-buddies down there on the GR confirm things are happening. It’s a go. Get out here and go a-fishing on the Grande Ronde, famous for getting grabs up top.

You can fend for yourself or engage the services of this Tom fella, who will then disclose the location of this undisclosed location.