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The Gearboat Chronicles

Fishing Report for Venezuela and Troy, OR

Paul claimed he was down in Caracas – wherever that’s supposed to be — fishing with his brothers on a clean, wholesome, brotherly reunion. Mm-hmm, Paul. Sure.

As you can plainly see in exhibit A, which is photo provided by Paul himself, he’s clearly involved in a wet t-shirt contest. For shame.

But he does seem to be the last contestant, which must mean he won. So congratulations, boss. I’m proud of you. I guess.

But apparently they did catch some marlin. Unless that other picture is a fake fiberglass fish they were dragging around in the swimming pool. Probably stole it from one of those cantinas that hold t-shirt contests.

Man, I have got to get in on one of these Arentsen Boys shindigs. They sound like craziness.

I haven’t caught a Caracas marlin, but there’s that old saying that, “the only thing that fights harder than a Caracas marlin is . . .” how’s it go? . . . O yeah . . . “a Grande Ronde River steelhead.”

I think there’s a pound-for-pound clause thrown in there, but you should know that now’s looking like the time for pursuing Grande Ronde steelies. I direct your attention to the Fishing Report back on the main page of this here interweb site.

Penny caught one yesterday, is what I heard from Mr. Wet T-shirt.

And Paul’s talking like I might get dispatched down there on the G.R. soon for some day-rafting missions, hauling work crews to the other side of the river. Which means there’s free time. And don’t tell Paul or the workcrews, but I’ll be bringing a fishing rod. Seriously, don’t tell them.