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The Gearboat Chronicles

Get Your River Rations

River rats, line up and get your rations. As per always, guests on Winding Waters trips can look forward to their very own stylish and collectible WWRE coffee sipping vessels to bring along rafting—plus this brand new item in the ol’ pre-trip gift package: ingots of healthy goodness in the form of River Rations energy bars, made right here local-style by BGood Bars of Joseph.

BGood master chef Judy Goodman applied her considerable backcountry know-how with frontcountry good sense about what’s good for us to eat, combined the two, squeezed out the gluten and—pow!—BGood Bars. River Rations are built to travel, can tuck right into the side pocket of a personal flotation device in Hells Canyon heat, get splashed and still be delicious. BGood has a full lineup of other recipes too, like Espresso Date Nut, Peanut Ginger, Spicy Hemp Cranberry and more. Check out the River Rations on your rafting trip and stock up on the other flavors on your way home. Here’s the BGood website.


Rafting season is underway, with a tour of Hells Canyon back from the deepest ditch in the 48, heading right back out next week. Gear guru Todd Kruger and his wife Tammy found a few days before rafting season took off, so they took off down the Grande Ronde. They even found enough morel mushrooms to outfit dinnner each night and bring some home in the cooler. Nicely done. Now that’s how you go mushroom picking.


I, however, went out to the woods to look for morels and bearly found any. Did come across these footprints, though.


Be good. Be healthy. Be seeing you on the river.