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The Gearboat Chronicles

Graduation Trip in HC

The Enterprise High School seniors are set for a floating look at their big backyard this week on their senior trip. Three days in Hells Canyon ranks right up there for unique ways to celebrate you and your pals sitting through 12 years of getting educated.

As much as I appreciated my own senior trip to a waterslide in Springfield after I graduated, a camping river trip in a natural waterpark might have edged out the artificial one if we’d had that option.

Went to the graduation ceremony Saturday with Penny and Paul to watch Patrick flip the tassle over his mortarboard. That kid’s going to do all right, I wager. For one thing, he just learned last week that he’d been awarded a Ford Foundation scholarship that will pick up the tab for 90% of his college, after factoring in the other scholarships he earned. Atta boy, Patrick.

So the boats are packed, we’ll have three paddle rafts for the 21 students and an oarboat for the chaperones. I’ll be in the gearboat, chronicling and rowing.

This marks the kickoff of rafting season proper in Hells Canyon, and I’ve been waiting on this all winter. It’ll be good to be back out there.