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The Gearboat Chronicles

Grande Ronde Mummy

Want to see something really scary?

Mark Porter discovered the mummified remains of some creature clinging to a branch on our float down the Grande Ronde last week. Check this out and never sleep again.

It’s like something out of The Dark Crystal. I’m pretty sure a curse must be involved with finding such a thing. Good luck with that, Porter.

Attention, boaters. There’s a log over part of the Grande Ronde below Elbow Creek. I’ve heard talk of it being removed soon, but for now there’s room to get around, just be aware.

Saw this bighorn down below Sickfoot. She was up on the boulder, stretching out to browse on green and leafy matter. Always a pleasure to watch those sheep do their thing.

And here’s what it looks like when an aeroplane flies over your camp.

This trip down the Grande Ronde was with a crew of noxious weed specialists, keeping the invasives at bay. We all had a fine time except for the weeds. They weren’t too jazzed.

Got back and walked into a tornado of activity at the Winding Waters boathouse with all hands on deck and the commotion level at full boil with trips just returned from Hells Canyon, Salmon and the Grande Ronde and more trips going back out. Boats, paddles, coolers, dry boxes and all manner of river gear in play.

I’m headed out fishing with Tom Farnam on the Wallowa. Took a run this afternoon with Ben Hayes and the Wallowa was plenty of fun with trout taking stimulators on top. I caught the ugliest whitefish in existence and now regret I didn’t take a picture. It looked about like that mummy picture up above, but aquatic in nature. I don’t really know how that whitefish got beaten with the ugly stick so bad, but it looked like some sort of hybrid with a catfish and a carp. Odd. But the trout were handsome.

Be good. Go rafting.