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The Gearboat Chronicles

Grande Ronde River Mother’s Day Float

I know Mother’s Day isn’t a competition, but still I feel like the little bouquet I got my Mom might come in second compared to the river/bicycle biathlon Linden and Paul arranged for Penny.

A clump of flowers versus floating the Grande Ronde on a sunny day, then riding back to Troy. I mean, they were pretty snazzy flowers, but, hmm.

Here’s the Mother’s Day cam, showing the bikes stashed behind Paul in the drift boat with Linden navigating for her Dad.

Binky patrol.

There’s even talk of adding a 5k run to the biking and river running for a full-blown Grande Ronde triathlon. Stay tuned for that.

Mom’s Day in Wallowa County also included the animal world out here in Wallowa County. Here are two baby foxes playing near Wallowa Lake –

At the risk of upsetting the order of things, I’m going to quit even trying to use the term “kit” for a baby fox. You say “kit” and people respond, “Oh, baby fox?” and you say exactly. So those are baby foxes.

Their Mother’s Day present to Mama Fox was to play quietly off by themselves while Mom caught a few winks with a siesta by the trail –

Looks like a pillow with ears.

And on the shore of Wallowa Lake we have the Goose family out for a stroll to wind down a busy Mother’s Day that included brunch at Wallowa Lake Lodge featuring bird seed with hollandaise sauce.

. . . and then they took to the water.

Which is what we’ve all got in mind out here. Taking to the water. Come join us why don’t you, with a whitewater trip through mighty Hells Canyon, dig your toes in the sand on the beaches of the Lower Salmon River or get in some practice for the upcoming triathlon by rafting the Grande Ronde.

See you on the river.