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The Gearboat Chronicles

Ice sculptures and snow tires

It’s snow tire season out here. That special time of year when you get to take friends to Les Schwab, drop them off, drive them back home or to work and then go get them four hours later when their car is ready and bring them back to the tire store.

A special time of year, indeed.

But important. No denying the importance of traction. Two law enforcement vehicles got tangled up in an accident out here recently. Be interesting to see who gets a ticket out of this one, the Enterprise Police Department or Sheriff’s Office. Here’s the news item link.

In art news, I’ve begun work on my winter ice sculpture. This involves letting a hose run into the creek on my property, at the suggestion of the City of Enterprise. Couple years back the water meter for my house froze. The ice crept into my supply line and I ended up thawing the situation with a welder attached to either end by one hundred and fifty feet of cable, cranking electricity through the line at a furious rate.

Yeah, so now I just run a hose and once this sets into a giant block of ice, I’ll do a sculpture of Morgan, posed valiantly at the scout for Granite Rapid in Hells Canyon.