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The Gearboat Chronicles

Linden turns Deuce and Gearboat Photo Archives

Two, two, we want two. . . .

Linden’s all growed up. That was fast. Seems like just last year she was born and here she is walking around having intelligent conversations and turning two.

You know what else is getting old? Technology. In the sense that it doesn’t work for me and that’s getting old.

Couple years back my laptop died and I just recently got around to paying a spirit guide to communicate with my broken laptop on the other side and coax back some of my files.

The downside of getting my old pictures back is they seem to have replaced the photos I’ve taken since then. I’m quite sure this is a simple matter of me being an idiot and it’s probably some directory thing or another. But I don’t feel quite up to sorting out whatever the deal is and would call a tech-savvy friend except I broke my @#$% phone the other day.

So. Here’s a few pictures from the Gearboat archives. After posting these I will be placing this laptop and every other device I own that has one or more wires, onto a pyre and I will set them afire.

Have a good day. Unless you’ve ever sold me an electronical device, in which case we need to talk. But not on the phone, or Skype . . . you’re going to have to drop by in person.

I think that’s Mo, dropping into the Green Room, Hells Canyon

Frog eggs, or aliens, or something. Salmon River.


I’ve always liked that last one, a closeup of two boats tied together. That’s how a gearboat guy sees the world. Ammo boxes and dry bags and rod cases and a whole lot of whatnot.