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The Gearboat Chronicles

New Winding Waters boathouse coming right along

I’ve been up at HQ painting on the new mural and seeing big developments every day. The new sign just moved into its new home and looks awfully sharp, if you ask me. Here’s Paul puttin’ the screws to it.


Speaking of new signs, Penny painted ‘The Boathouse Shop’ sign and did a smashup job. Just look at this snazzy entrance to the newest retail outlet in Joseph that doubles as a portal to the outdoor rafting and fishing dimensions of Wallowa County and beyond.


You can also rent standup paddle boards from Winding Waters starting now. Paul’s got three new boards with all the gear, plus some handy roof racks that pop right on your rig. Go paddle it up on Wallowa Lake.

Penny thought of everything plus a few more things for her Boathouse Shop. Go take a look-see. Here she is breaking in the new system.


But it’s not all refreshing lemonade sales around the boathouse. Paul and Ed have been getting after it on pre-season trailer maintenance, which is right up there on the list of fun things to do that are very near the bottom of the list of fun things to do.


I tried to help out with a little trailer wiring maintenance but every time I get near trailer wiring I consider adopting the Amish approach to motorized vehicles. I can handle wiring a house. I can even wire a jaw shut in a pinch. But trailer wiring, for reasons I don’t understand, is something I just can’t understand.

So I bailed and went back to painting happy clouds on the mural. It’s looking something like this here.


Stop by and check out the new locale. Grand opening will be May 18th. See you there.