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The Gearboat Chronicles

Operation Mazatlan

Hola amigos.

Well I found where they´ve been hiding the sunshine and ít´s Mexico. I`ll be carrying 4 ounces of it back home with me on the plane.

Only one problem so far that I would call an international incident. I really thought ordering camarones del diablo was a good idea. I mean, Devil Shrimp just sounds good, don´t it? In the end, though, not my wisest decision.

The language barrier and technological difficulties are keeping me from posting pictures right at the moment, but hold onto your sombreros when I get back because I have a delightful study of what river guides refer to as `tarpology,`or the putting up of shelter from the sun.

I´ve seen some outstanding and creative sun shelters on the beach down here that I´m sure Morgan would appreciate. I might pass on these building plans to the Winding Waters crew if for some reason we ever need to put up another shelter beyond the river wings that are so handy on expeditions.

Probably won`t be adding Devil Shrimp to the river menu anytime soon, but I`ll keep testing recipes and let you know when I´ve found the perfect Mazatlan dish.

Adios for now,