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The Gearboat Chronicles

Pete Seeger rowing an oldschool raft in Hells Canyon

You may remember Jan Homan from one of our naturalist trips. She’s the second-nicest person in the world, behind the pope, and stopped by today with photos of music making person Pete Seeger, who you may have heard of in context of everybody knowing who Pete Seeger is. If you have not heard of Pete, he invented the electric guitar and gave the first one to Bob Dylan.

Here he is at the oars in a photo from 1972. The river guide in me looks at this and says: holy cheezwhiz, look at that wooden frame. And those pinchy oarlock stands. A bucket boat. Imagine. Complete with bailer right there under his seat. These rowing conditions are nothing short of barbaric. Hey, there’s an ammo can in the lower right. Timeless. And what have we here in the background? I say, that does seem to be Pine Bar, which you will recall from your Hells Canyon trip as the site where we jump off Sturgeon Rock. And if you peek closely, you can see the outfitter cabins in the background that were reportedly burned down via some arson. Lot going on in this picutre.


These pics are from a trip sponsored by Hells Canyon Preservation Council and copies were dropped by at Kirkwood Ranch by Boyd Norton, rowing in this next photo. Here’s a link to a nice tribute Mr. Norton wrote about Mr. Seeger.



Coming Soon To A Bookshelf Near You

Ellen Morris Bishop has a new one out. If you like knowing how the earth works, this if for you. She’s reading from it in Joseph this week and I’m a-going. Check it out at your local bookstore, or here’s some linkage to Ellen’s web hangout.

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 5.25.01 PM

I shared an apartment with Lightning in college and it was a nightmare.

First Sunset of the Year Requiring Photo Documentation

I’ve just about had it with the splendor around here. A guy can’t even take his dog for a walk without being assaulted by beauty. I mean, look at this sunset that got all up in my face today. There I was, minding my business, trying to focus on being agitated about something then Mother Nature barges in trying sell me some free grandeur and I’m like, Lady, can’t you see I’m busy? Ridiculous.


Just ridiculous.

Well, kids. Get busy sticking to those resolutions. Happy New Year from Winding Waters River Expeditions and we’ll see you on the river.