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The Gearboat Chronicles


Recent comments in the Gearboat Chronicles about the pottery work of Morgan Jenkins have launched international protests from art collectors and pinchpot aficionados, ending in a court-mandated decision calling for an apology from the author, who must take back what he said about Morgan’s ceramics resembling “something a kindergartener would do.”

An independent review by Ceramic Artists For Truth found these allegations to be simply not true, adding that the work of Jenkins shows a strong use of something, indicative of something else and evincing some French words with lines above some of the letters.

Mr. Rombach regrets the error.

In fact, Morgan has never produced “little clay snakes,” or any “pinchpot ashtray.”

The civil court decision in ‘Morgan v. Jon re: pottery’ found that Jon is probably just jealous. They gave Mr. Rombach a lump of clay and put on some classical music so that he might demonstrate his own abilities with earthenware, but the results were not encouraging.

Reached at his solar mansion overlooking Wallowa Valley and parts of Idaho, Morgan was gracious about the flap and released a statement saying, “It’s cool.”

A showing of Morgan’s ceramic art will be held this summer at the Winding Waters boathouse.