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The Gearboat Chronicles

River trip update smorgasboard

Fast and furious lately. Just rowing boats and rigging trips and having fun and coming home and doing it again. It’s a good busy. Not a humid busy.

But consistency has suffered on the ol’ Gearboat here, so I’ll abandon the typical thing where I attempt some type of coherant thread. This is a Jackson Pollock-style river post with tidbits I’ve been saving up and will now throw at you willy-nilly. Brace yourself. This will be sporadic.


In Hells Canyon. Around about Ragtown Bar, which is a cool campsite but could stand some weed removal. So my cockles were warmed to see this herd of weedeaters converting big green plants to little brown pellets. Go, goats, go.



Justin Jones carmelizing dessert at Tryon camp. That’s a blaster. A high-powered propane delivery system. Or a delicate fruit crisp heater-upper in the right hands. This was on the Jan Homan tour, which was chock-a-block with delightful people. Good times were had.


Pee-pee etiquette

Dilution is the solution to pollution. It’s good practice to urinate in the river. Even the animals know that, as seen here by this ungulate tinkling in the Grande Ronde. Just took that picture today, floating a day trip on the GR with Whitney and Chance, newlyweds who’ve been honeymooning out here in the Wallowas. Congratulations, you two. Sorry to mention your recent nuptials in the same paragraph as a deer taking a leak. I warned you this post would be random.


Eagles nest

This is also on our Grande Ronde day trip float. ‘Merica.


Boggan’s Oasis compass

Love this. Finest milkshakes in the land and coolest entryway too.


Stone flies

Here’s a pic of protein on the wing down on the GR. I’m heading out for a 4-day fishing bonanza with guide Tom Farnam and our new powerhouse Jared Wilcox. We pack that trip tomorrow.


Right now I’ve got to run, jump in the shower, clean up my bad self, get to an art opening, a boat launching by our amigo Ben Hayes who just completed a hand-built dory, then get to a music show by friends who will make sweet melodies at Lear’s in Enterprise. Busier than a something-something in a pepper patch or whatever. But, again, it’s a good busy.

Always room for more. Come rafting with us. We’ve got Salmon trips launching, fishing is great on the Wallowa, Hells Canyon has been dynamo . . . just saw a bear, a mountain goat and eagles in the space of one hour last float.

It’s summertime and the rafting is full-swing. Come join us.