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The Gearboat Chronicles

Senior class on the Snake River

We’re loading the boats for the Enterprise High School Class of 2013’s graduating class cruise down the far right edge of Wallowa County in Hells Canyon.

To make this trip extra special, I’ve put together some 3-ring binders with study topics relating to the geology and history of the canyon, will do some lectures around the campfire and have written quizzes to be administered throughout the trip. Fun!

WWRE crew cleaned up our stretch of Imnaha Highway last week. I found a broken pipe wrench. Because if you’re not careful and have the windows open in your car or truck, a pipe wrench can totally blow off your dashboard and end up in the ditch alongside the road. So no worries, whoever lost their pipe wrench in this fashion. Happens to the best of us.

Screen shot 2013-05-26 at 7.09.29 AM

Here’s the after-party BBQ. A rager. There’s the prototype sample sketch for the mural hanging in the boathouse. Those clouds are supposed to resemble the Winding Waters logo. I don’t know.


And, hey, what’s this? Trout season? Ayep. It’s now safe to dust off your fly rods after a dormant phase. I stopped on the Wallowa headed out of town and caught this sea monster of a trout in no time at all. Took a big ol’ brown and orange foamy stone imitation and just mauled that chunk of foam. And he was feisty.


Down the road caught up to guide Tom Farnam, who reported good fishing all day long, landing some nice 16-inchers and bushels of smaller trout. Here’s the feesh he was landing as I came upon the scene.


Water looks great for this time of year. Nymphing real productive and they’re taking things on top, too. Tom knows that stretch like no other, so hop in his boat and let him introduce you to a pack of early season hungry trout.

I caught up with my sister and her fam, over in Summerville at their uncle Scott’s. Who, by the way, is the Snap On tool guy in the area so flag him down for all your implement needs.

Em, Jacob and Joe are were busy slinging arrows and I caught one in the thigh during our photo shoot. Walk it off, uncle Jon, walk it off.