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The Gearboat Chronicles

Shuttle Monkey Video

It’s a new era in Gearboat Chronicles … introducing something called “moving pictures,” or “talkies.”

I was going to do flip books with stick figure drawings to illustrate the Winding Waters crew going through rapids and jumping off Sturgeon Rock and whatnot, but instead I got a little waterproof movie camera and it’s way easier.

So break out some Jiffy Pop and gather the kids around for the first ever Gearboat Chronicles movie. Well, it’s more of a documentary. And by documentary I mean clips of Morgan and I laughing at stuff that probably wouldn’t be funny if we weren’t operating in the River Time time zone.

Think back on your last river trip. I bet you a jar of homemade apple butter that you and your cohorts found something highly entertaining that wouldn’t have made sense at all outside the river setting. And that’s why we go on the river. You can find something amusing about Accounts Receivable or whatever — but it’s so much easier to laugh and laugh because Morgan’s raft is starting to drift away after you bumped it.

So let’s go rafting. Day trips on the Grande Ronde are still the happenin’ thing right now, so give Paul and Penny a call at Winding Waters headquarters to clock 38 river miles as a day trip on the GR.

And here’s a behind-the-scenes view of a Grande Ronde trip, complete with bighorns, elk and a shuttle monkey.