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The Gearboat Chronicles

Sit Downhill

Paul is in action out in his workshop building a ski chair like he does every year for the upcoming Frostbite Fundraiser auction. It’s a hot item, this annual incarnation of old skids put back to use as somewhere to take a load off.

I made a pair of skis out of old chairs….not nearly as cool.

It’ll be the 5th annual fundraiser, Thursday, February 2, 6 pm at the OK Theatre in Enterprise to support the Eagle Cap Ski & Nordic Clubs, Wallowa Valley Community Ice Rink, and the Wallowa Avalanche Center.

The Backcountry Film Festival will showcase indy outdoor adventure films by the Winter Wildlands Alliance, plus the auction and a raffle for cool stuff and this event is always a good time. Tickets sold at the door for $8 adults/$4 kids 10 & under.

You can get more info at SkiFergi.com and Penny has a Facebook page going.

Chairs aren’t the only use Paul has for discarded skis. He’s the reigning champ for lawnchair racing at FergiFest, the end-of-year celebration at our local ski area.

I’m getting weary of Paul winning every year and me not just losing, but usually being injured, so I snuck into Paul’s R&D; headquarters, lowering myself on wires I got from Tom Cruise and stole blueprints of Paul’s lawnchair racer design so I have a shot at winning this year. Wish me luck.

See you at the Frostbite event if you’re in the vicinity. If not, get to work on a lawnchair racer and plan on getting to Fergi in the spring for the FergiFest party.

With all this talk of snowsports, it’s fitting that we actually got some white stuff on the valley floor this morning after a noticeable lack of that substance.

I’m off to start a snowball fight with the neighbors. They love that.