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The Gearboat Chronicles

Snake & Salmon confluence

Give this photo here a click to enlarge. What you see there is the intersection of the Snake and Salmon rivers, panorama-style. That’s Mike, ambling there on the left. Distorted, yes. But talk to the iphone folks about that. This is what it’s come to, people. Taking pictures in remote areas with telephones. It’s all a little Captain Kirk-y.


Remember when a panorama involved taking a bunch of pictures left to right, getting your film developed and then taping the choppy results together? That was kind of fun, now that I think back.

Remember summer? Here’s a suntan comparison taken during an impromptu Winding Waters staff meeting at Terminal Gravity pub. Ed is in there. Brian Murphy. Baird. Silje. And, um . . . I guess the other arm was just an arm we found lying around.


Those arms really don’t look to tan, truth be told. But if I compare with my arm now – Gah! Blinded.

Todd Kruger is going to get nominated for Volunteer of the Month if he keeps this up. Kruges has been outfitting a nordic ski shelter with a new roof and getting the T’s ready for ski season at Fergi, the community ski hill. Putting in some hours. Doing good work. Here he is building custom furniture from salvaged barn wood.


And on a recent-ish fall launch for steelhead. There’s Todd on the right, next to Morgan.


On the subject of steelhead, the catching has been slim. Season got off to a fairly rip-roaring start but has sure quieted down. Went out last Friday with Cam Scott and he broke the spell with two hatchery males.


Here’s an action shot.


Bonus activity this week: Name this exotic creature that has bright markings evocative of some African savannah dwelling gazelle like thing.


Ah, it’s just a whitetail deer that was in my yard. But, man, that is quite the colorful coat there.