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The Gearboat Chronicles

Steelhead window open this week

Well, well, well . . . what do we have here . . . Wallowa County got some rain. The Grande Ronde jacked up from 600 to about 900. Now the precipitation is backing off. River should settle. Fish are in there. Battle stations everyone.

Winding Waters flyfishing guide Tom Farnam approves this message and endorses hooking up with steelhead once this infusion of water we’ve been waiting for has had a day or two to do its work and turn the flush into the rush of fish on.

Tom’s got a few openings if you’re looking for a guide on the Grande Ronde for this good-looking opening in the steelheading conditions.

Spey Day

I’m trying both hands at the double-handed approach this season. Bought a used spey rod this summer that is on the big side for our water out here, but it was a good deal and I’m jazzed to get into the swing of spey casting.

Most spey rigs around these parts seem to hover around the 7 weight, 12-foot range. The rocket launcher I bought weighs in at a 9 weight, 14-footer. Putting that thing together is like assembling a segmented flagpole.

So-called friends refer to it as “that telephone pole,” which only increases my resolve to catch fish on this thing. Haven’t even had it on the water yet, but crossing my fingers for shots with fish to put up here.

Tom’s been helping with casting pointers and tips on technique. He managed to turn me from someone who went steelhead fishing into someone who can actually catch steelhead with his nymphing lessons, so I’m looking forward to similar results with the spey casting.

Scenery Update

Well, it’s pretty out here. The western larch, or tamarack, if you prefer, are ablaze with their 24-carat golden needles.

One of my favorite times of year out here in this country. Come and see us.