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The Gearboat Chronicles


Ma Nature is trying to blow out some candles here in Wallowa County and she succeeded last night, blowing the power out in Enterprise for a good stretch.

Horsey with Mount Joseph.

I rode out the windstorm from the safety of my stock tank hot tub last night. I couldn’t feel my ears from all that biting wind, but it’s a hoot to be sitting in the tub with trees whipping around like that and the music of all your neighbors’ trash cans rolling across the countryside.

View from out north looking back at Wallowas.

The wind took exception to the tipi poles in my yard and blew them down. Also an old snag tree I was leaving for the birds to play around in. Sorry, birds. Talk to the wind about it.

The good news for fly fishermen is you could probably set a personal record for casting distance right now if you find the right downwind stretch of river. I think you could probably strip off some line and then just hold up your fly and get a quarter-mile cast with no trouble.

Boats spooning.

It’s Thanksgiving week, of course, so here’s a quick Gearboat list of some of the things we’re thankful for.

Hells Canyon, Salmon, Wallowa and Grande Ronde rivers. They’re awfully good to us and we try to return the favor.

You folks. It’s a treat to spend time on these rivers and a pleasure to share it with all you rafters.

Turkeys. I don’t think they sometimes get enough in the way of appreciation around Thanksgiving. I mean, they’re pretty crucial to the whole deal.

Pie. If you haven’t tried it, you should. It’s good. I’m eating some right now. Cherry. It’s delicious. I’m getting a jump on the weight gain.

Paul thinking about what he’s thankful for.

Have a great Thanksgiving. And thanks for a great 2012 rafting season. We’ll see you on the river in ’13.