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The Gearboat Chronicles

Wallowa and Grande Ronde steelhead picking up

Misty eagle posing along on the Grande Ronde.

Last I saw Paul, Penny and Linden they were heading for the Oregon Coast, towing the drift boat and planning on drifting it to set crab pots. I look forward to reports on how a drift boat operates on the ocean.

Last I heard from Morgan, he was heading for the mountains to do the cooking for a crew conducting a bull trout survey on the upper Imnaha. Been serving them vittles for some years now.

Chef Mo also has a regular catering gig on the Umatilla Reservation, keeping bellies full for a gathering there each fall. That guy can orchestrate some big meals.

Here he is orchestrating some kind of stew with dried fruit and what looks to be a bag of chips. Interesting.

As for me, I’ve been on a woodcutting rampage this last week, choppin’ me some firewoods and storing up BTUs on the front porch. Look here at my precision tree falling….not everyone can balance a lodgepole pine onto a stump like this.

Nor would they want to.

Been out in the woods with Mike Baird, both for hunting season and firewood detail. Here’s Baird working his elk bugle up above the Imnaha River.

He took me on some downright strenuous hikes, Baird did. Had to buy a whole new supply of moleskin it got so bad.

Once the wood supply is topped off I plan on trading the chainsword for the flyrod and going after these steelhead heading back to Wallowa County streams.

Here’s the latest fishing report from the Joseph Fly Shoppe.

10-2-11 Steelhead are starting to trickle-up the Grande Ronde, but forcast rains this week could really help. Plug guides below Bogan’s are finding steelies most days with one boat last week reporting 6. Water temps in the Ronde are good but low flows are the biggest problem. Counts over the dams are very good. The Imnaha is still too low to attract steelhead, although a few have been caught. Trout fishing on the Wallowa has been good.

Stop in and see Rob when you get to town and add some local favorites to your fly box.

Speaking of fish, here’s an underwater view of kokanee above Wallowa Lake, taken a few weeks ago:

Fishing guide Tom Farnum is in his element right now, with the steelhead coming on and being out on his home waters of the Wallowa and Grande Ronde rivers.

Click on this here for guided fishing outings with Tom.

Or, you know what? Why not just admit you love fishing, gather like-minded folks and go the deluxe route with a supported trip down the Wallowa and Grande Ronde . . . that means you fish all day and roll into camp where Winding Waters has set up the wall tent and has appetizers waiting. We do all the cooking, send you off in the morning for more fishing and scoot on down the river to set up another lovely camp for you to roll into after another glorious day of fishing. It’s kind of great. Read more about it here.

See you on the river.