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The Gearboat Chronicles

Weeds and Chicken Flavored Toothpaste

Winding Waters Central was a hive of activity today.

Morgan, Samuel and Mini Baird were packing out for a Snake River sojourn. Taking veterinarians through Hells Canyon for a working seminar in the wilds. I was on the same trip last year, though we did it on the Salmon. Animal dentistry was the focus last year. The unique aspect for me was the addition on the gearboat of a movie screen and portable generator, to run the powerpoint presentations. Definitely not used to seeing a lit-up screen tucked into the trees along some remote stretch of river miles from the nearest plugin. But I will tell you honest and for true, if I’m going to sit through a powerpoint presentation and had my choice of venues, I’d take a riverbank over the conference room of a Red Lion any day. And I’ve sat through presentations in a Red Lion conference room, so I’ve done my research, pal.

My attorney says I should disclaimer that.

Dear Red Lion: I didn’t mean it like that. Why you gotta be like that? I’d rather sit in your conference room than other conference rooms . . . all I was saying was I’d take the riverbank given the choice.

Moving on.

I’ll be on the Grand Ronde, protecting Wallowa County from the scourge of noxious weeds. Starting at Wildcat Bridge, six miles upstream from the town of Troy, we’ll float down to otherwise inaccessible locales, then the weed sprayers pour off my craft and tell them weeds what-for with the business end of a backpack sprayer.

Hard to say how many miles we’ll cover, as that depends on how noxious the weeds are, I guess. So I’m taking my bike along in the raft to shorten the gap between us and getting the shuttle rig.

Muchas gracias to Dave Flynn, who signed off on me squatting on his property down there. That’ll cut down on drive time and I’ve got a wall tent to set up down there near the confluence of the Wenaha and Grand Ronde rivers. Wall tent, cot, disco ball, french press for coffee in the morning. It’s going to be rough, rough duty.

And Paul’s heading out for a Grand Ronde trip later this week, so lots of boats in the water. Dental hygiene for all creatures great and small in Hells. A dose of something-icide for plants that aren’t supposed to be there in the Grand Ronde canyon.

Until next time, keep your bowline taut and your pelican case latched.