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The Gearboat Chronicles

Win With Winding Waters

There’s a four-letter F word some businesspeople frown at. Not Winding Waters River Expeditions . . . Mom, if you’re reading this, shield your eyes.
Free. Yeah, I said it. Free.

Come rafting with us for no charge. A Winding Waters River Expeditions vacation is cheap at any price, especially, I guess, when it’s zero.
You’ve got two options, my friends. We’ve doubled-down on passing out deluxe river trips this 2010 season and it goes like this:
Mountain Khakis are widely known as the trouser of choice for discriminating and active people who wear pants. Every member of the Winding Waters crew likes to wear pants and go rafting, so it was a natural fit for us to join Mountain Khakis in spreading the love by just handing out the following bonanza:
After winning the grand prize, you will pick one person you like better than anybody else in the world and invite them for three days of whitewater blissfulness in Hells Canyon.
Roll into Joseph, Oregon for a free night with deluxe accommodations and hit the Snake River the next day in style. Your duffel bag will be bulging with complimentary garments courtesy of Mountain Khakis, each of you getting two pairs of pants or shorts, including the new technical, quick-dry Snake River Collection, plus two hats or visors and a couple of t-shirts each.
That’s not all. Put your gear inside your new Outcast/Aire river packs and sacks, leaving room for the free hats they’re giving you.
Leave some room, though, because Pacific Outdoor Equipment has free sleeping pads for you. And more hats and t-shirts. Plus free camp chairs.
Hope you like hats, because our friends at Snake River Brewery are also giving you a few of theirs, along with hoodie sweatshirts. And that’s it.
All right, fine. There’s free beer.
So to sum up: by winning the Mountain Khakis/Winding Waters River Expeditions Snake River Hells Canyon Sweepstakes, you will never again need to purchase a hat. And you get free beer. And cool clothes. And waterproof bags to carry them in during your free river trip with us in Hells Canyon where you will sleep the sleep of a winner on your free sleeping pads after sitting in your free camping chairs.
Your portal to victory awaits. Get your name in the free hat by following this link to the Mountain Khakis site. Bonne chance. Mountain Khakis Sweepstakes
. . . . What’s that you say?  One free trip not enough? I like your style. Here, then, is another avenue for outdoor adventure millionaire-style that doesn’t cost you a dime. We’re in cahoots with Travel Oregon on this one.

The Oregon Adventurecation Outdoor Adrenaline Trek has you picking three of your bestest friends and you’re going to be busy skiing, hiking, climbing, surfing and rafting through living postcards of Oregon.
Airfare, lodging, vehicular transport and getting outfitted are all part of the package. You’ll be on mountain bikes, you’ll be windsurfing, you’ll be horseback in the Wallowa Mountains with Del Sol Outfitters . . . honestly, the prize package on this one is more of a prize shipping container and I’m going to pass you off to the official list of what you’re going to win because the list is long. And impressive. And my fingers are starting to cramp from typing the word ‘free.’

Sign up for the Oregon Adventurecation Outdoor Adrenaline Trek by transporting yourself here. 

We’ll see you on the river, Lucky.