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The Gearboat Chronicles

Winding Waters Welcomes a Bouncing Baby Stretch of Asphalt

We adopted a highway this year. It’s cute. Has good manners. Little on the dirty side, so we gave it a good scrubbing a few days ago and next time you’re driving to or from Imnaha, please do admire our little tyke. We’re so proud of Milepost 3 to 5. And please don’t throw garbage at our child. It’s just rude.

The Winding Waters River Expeditions stretch of road had a good buildup of baling twine and little tiny rum bottles, the kind they give out on an airplane.

Over twenty little tiny rum bottles. Bacardi. I don’t know what the deal was there.

And 48 thousand miles of baling twine.

Our crew found one cellphone. A glass candle holder. Shredded tires. Broken fender parts from an accident. Beer cans. Gatorade bottles that said grape or fruit punch, but instead looked like lemon-lime. I couldn’t figure that out because none of them tasted like grape, lemon-lime or any sort of fruit at all. It tasted like…

So anyway, please don’t litter. You’ll go to hell for it. And also, we have to pick it up.

These here photos show our fishing guide Tom Farnum karate chopping the litter sign. Actually, it was very windy at that moment and Tom was fending off a windblown attack by the sign that wasn’t much attached to what it was supposed to be attached to. That other one is Tom with Mike and Cathy Baird right before the big cleanup.

Tomorrow we’ll be driving on our adopted highway en route to the Enterprise High School senior class graduation trip. Three days from Hells Canyon Dam to Pittsburgh Landing. The kids will ride back up the Snake River on a jetboat after our rafting adventure. I’ve had a great time on all of these senior trips I’ve been along for.

We’ve got Mike Baird along, which is appropriate as he’s been one of their teachers all through high school, then he comes out and plays by guiding for Winding Waters in the summers.

Craig Nichols is along also. He’s the undisputed king of campfire songs and you should catch one of his riverside concerts if you can. Seating not limited. We’ve got plenty of camp chairs.

Here’s hoping you had a memorable Memorial Day.