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Grande Ronde River Rafting and Lodge Adventure

Trip Description

This multi-sport adventure combines 2 nights of lodging at the Winding Waters  Outpost with a Full Day Grande Ronde River rafting trip to create the perfect rafting adventure getaway for Families, Couples, and Groups from 2 to 16 people.
The Outpost Cabin: Located in Troy, OR at the confluence of the Wenaha and Grande Ronde Rivers is well appointed and sleeps 6 comfortably. We are able to accommodate up to 10 more with our deluxe camping package.
In addition to enjoying the full day guided rafting adventure there are many other self guided activities to participate in while at the Outpost.

Self Guided Activities:

  • Take a walk/hike through the Wenaha wildlife management area
  • Explore miles of trail along the Wenaha River
  • Stroll over to the walking bridge spanning the confluence of the Grande Ronde and Wenaha rivers
  • Take a swim in the best swimming hole around
  • Hop on one of the cabin bikes for a ride on the river road. (perfect for kids)
  • Grab one of our fishing rods and try your luck at catching a Rainbow Trout, Steelhead, or a Smallmouth bass
  • Take a dip in the wood fired hot tub (fire season permitting)
  • Relax on the front porch watching the sun work it’s way up or down the canyon rim
  • Play volleyball or basketball at the Troy School House
  • Stand Up Paddle Board on the Grande Ronde River

Guided Activities if you choose to add additional days to your stay: (please inquire)

  • Full Day Fly Fishing trip
  • Fly Fishing Instruction
  • Evening sunset Inflatable Kayak trip

The Optional Meal Plan:

Choose to bring your own food and prepare your own meals in the cabin or choose the Winding Waters Meal Plan and let our crew take care of everything from preparing the meals to doing the dishes.  We can accommodate many special dietary requests and are happy to plan a custom menu for your group.  Choosing the Meal Plan will leave you more time to enjoy all of the activities available to you at the Outpost.

The standard package includes 2 nights in the cabin and the full day rafting trip for 2 to 6 people.  Standard package and Meal plan are bookable online.  Please contact us to add additional nights in the cabin, guided activities and for groups of 7 or more.

Package Pricing:

Available from May 26th – July 7th
Minimum 2 people: $490.00
Additional people up to 6: $95 each
Deluxe Tent Package and rafting trip for 7th through 16th: $145 per person


More than 6 people in your group?  Don’t worry.  Please contact us to arrange the deluxe camping package for groups over 6 people. Deluxe camping package includes: Spacious tent for 2, cots, sleeping pads and sleeping bags if needed.  We have a bath house to accommodate the campers.


Standard 2 Night 2 Day Rafting and Lodging package

Available from: May 26th – July 7th
Minimum 2 people: $490.00
Additional people up to 6: $95
Deluxe Tent Package and rafting trip for 7th through 16th: $145 per person
Meal Plan $80 per person

Cancellation Policy: Your reservation will be confirmed after we receive a deposit of 50% of your total trip cost. Your trip balance will be due 30 days prior to your launch date. This deposit is non-refundable. In the event you need to cancel your trip, please contact us as soon as possible so we can try to find someone to fill your seat. If you find it necessary to cancel after your final due date we will not refund the cost of your trip unless we fill the trip.  You are welcome to transfer your seat to another person.  We highly recommend buying Travelex Travel Insurance to protect your investment.


Arrival Day 1: Arrive in Troy Oregon and check into the Winding Waters Outpost at 4:00pm.  Your guide will meet you there to orient you with the cabin and all of the Troy, Oregon amenities.  After settling into the cabin you can choose from any of the many self guided activities to participate in.

  • Take a walk through the Wenaha wildlife management area
  • Explore the Wenaha River,
  • Stroll over to the walking bridge spanning the confluence of the Grande Ronde and Wenaha rivers
  • Take a swim in the best swimming hole around
  • Take one of the cabin bikes for a ride on the river road perfect for kids
  • Grab one of our fishing rods and try your luck at catching a Rainbow Trout, Steelhead, or a Smallmouth bass
  • Take a dip in the wood fired hot tub
  • Relax on the front porch watching the sun work it’s way up the canyon rim.

If you have chosen the meal plan your guide will coordinate with you to see when you would like to settle in for appetizers and dinner. After dinner gather around the campfire (fire season permitting) tell some stories or play some games before settling in for a quiet night’s sleep.


Rafting Adventure Day 2: Wake to the view of the sun making its’ way up over the canyon rim.  If you have selected the meal plan enjoy a delicious breakfast and begin preparing for your day on “the river”.

Your Grande Ronde River rafting adventure will begin at 9:30am. Your guide will meet you at the cabin and walk with you down to the launch site below the confluence bridge on the Grande Ronde River.  After a river safety briefing you will choose between paddling one our our single person inflatable kayaks or riding in the guide boat and begin your trip downriver.

During the float you will enjoy:

  • Paddling through the class I and II rapids
  • Swimming in the deep swimming holes
  • Spotting wildlife such as Bald Eagles, Black Bears, Big Horn Sheep, Deer, Elk, King Fisher, River Otters and may other species of wildlife along the way.
  • Delicious riverside lunch

You will find yourself back at the Outpost by 4pm today.  Pick up where you left off the previous evening.  Enjoy the solitude and lack of cell service for the evening. Leave the cooking to us and choose the meal plan for your stay.

Day 3 Check out: 10:00am is the check out time.  If you are an early bird this gives you time to get up and go for a run, walk or bike ride on the paved river road, up the Wenaha River Trail or wander over and try to catch a fish.  You can always choose to extend your stay beyond the standard 2 night adventure. The Outpost is the perfect place to simply spend some quality time connecting with family and friends and enjoying all of the self-guided activities available.   Please inquire with us about cabin availability and adding on additional guided activities such as a full day of guided fly-fishing or fly fishing instruction.

Included in Standard package:

  • 2 Nights Lodging in the Troy Log Cabin (sleeps up to 6)
  • Outstanding rafting guide service, along with all necessary rafting equipment
  • Access to all Outpost amenities: Bikes, Fishing Gear, Hiking trails, Wood Fired Hot Tub

Available Add Ons:

  • Additional Nights Lodging
  • Additional group members above 6 (Tents with cots, pads, sleeping bags available)
  • Fly Fishing Guide for the day
  • Meal Plan (let our guides take care of all of your meals during your stay)

Winding Waters Troy Outpost

Google Map Joseph, OR to Troy OR


Q: What is the sleeping arrangement in the Cabin?
A: There are 2 Queen Beds in in the upstairs sleeping loft and a Full and a single in the downstairs bedroom.

Q: What is the minimum stay in the Cabin?
A:The standard package is for 2 nights but you can always add on more nights if available.

Q: Is there a Restaraunt or Grocery Store in Troy?
A: There is a small restaraunt and bar, The Wenaha Bar and Grill in Troy. You can purchase beer and ice there but now other groceries. Consider adding the WWRE Meal plan to your Outpost adventure. Our crew can take care planning, and preparing all of your meals during your stay at the Outpost.

Q: What is the maximum number of people that I can have in my group?
A: The main cabin sleeps up to 6 but we can accommodate up to 10 more with our deluxe camping package. This includes spacious Tent with 2 cots, Sleeping pads and Sleeping bags.

Q: Do you need experience to go on this whitewater rafting trip, or can you take beginners?
A: The wonderful thing about rafting with an outfitter is that you do not need any experience. When joining a whitewater rafting trip with Winding Waters, guests are at ease knowing we have trained, professional guides who know the river. The level of difficulty of a river is based on the character of its whitewater rapids. The Snake River in Hells Canyon has class III-IV whitewater and is a pool and drop, stair-step river. Stair-stepping means there will be a pool, then a drop where we find our rapids. We have taken many novices down this river and they have felt very safe in our hands.

Q: What’s the youngest age you can take on this trip?
A: This trip is for ages 5 and up.

Q: Can we charter a private trip? How many people do we need?
A: We are glad to offer private charter trips to groups of 12 or more. A charter trip means that your group consists of all of the trip’s participants. We do not sell that trip departure to any outside guests.

Q: What time and where do I meet for my trip? Where is the nearest airport?
A. Pre-Trip Meeting Place and Time: Troy, OR at WWRE Outpost 4pm check in.
▪ Nearest Airports: Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional Airport, Lewiston, ID, Walla Walla Regional Airport, WA
▪ Shuttle Service: Rent a car from one of these airports or contact Michelle at Michelle’s Car service out of Lewiston to arrange for ground transport.

Q: What kind of boats do you use on this trip?
A: We can use 4 different types of boats on this trip: oar boat, paddle raft, inflatable kayak, and stand-up paddle boards. On an oar boat, a guide rows the boat while you enjoy the scenery. In a paddle raft you are an active participant in paddling with others and a guide. An inflatable kayak is a single boat where you guide yourself with instruction if needed. A stand-up paddle board is basically a large surf board with a paddle.

Q: What equipment and services do you provide?
A: We provide the following equipment and services beyond guiding boats on every trip:
1. Paddle (if you’re on a paddle boat), PFD (life jacket), and helmet (for those riding in inflatable kayaks or stand-up paddle boards).

Q: What kind of clothing should I wear/bring?
A: During the day, quick drying shorts and tops work best. For women, we recommend wearing your bathing suit under your clothes if you wish. For your feet, synthetic sandals like Chacos work great that have straps to hold them to your feet. We do not recommend flip-flops. In the evenings and mornings, we recommend warmer layers, including a fleece jacket, pants, socks, and closed-toed shoes (like tennis shoes). Additionally, shoes for hikes are recommended.
You can purchase river shirts, river hats, sunblock, sunglasses, and other items in our Boathouse Shop prior to your trip.

Q: Can we fish on this trip?
A: Yes, there will be fishing tackle available at the cabin for you to use during your stay. You will need to have an Oregon fishing license.

Q: What about bathrooms while we’re on the river?
A: We have you covered. We follow “Leave No Trace” minimum impact camping and traveling etiquette on all river trips. The bathroom facility we use is called the River Bank Toilet System. When in camp, we set up the toilet in a separate, private area, complete with toilet paper and hand sanitizer. The guides will explain all of the details of how to use it.

Q: What advice do you have regarding batteries for camera equipment and keeping camera equipment dry?
A: A: If you want to bring your portable video camera and/or digital camera, but are concerned about batteries running out, you have 2 options. One, bring extra batteries (at least 2 more than you think you’ll need). Two, bring a portable solar-powered battery recharger. They do exist and we’re pleased to report- they do work! As for keeping your electronic equipment dry, we provide small dry bags that stay with you on the boat during the day. We also sell small hard-shell, water-tight, and padded Pelican cases in our Boathouse Shop.

Q: Do I need to be a strong swimmer to come on your trips? What if one or more in my group doesn’t know how to swim?
A: You do not need to be a strong swimmer, or even know how to swim to enjoy a river trip with Winding Waters River Expeditions. All participants are required to wear a US Coast Guard-approved PFD, or personal floatation device (back in the old days, we called ’em Life Jackets). These high buoyancy jackets are designed to keep your head above water should you find yourself having an out of boat experience. Now, that said, if you do not know how to swim and you are afraid of water – river rafting is probably not going to be your cup of tea. Small children (ages 5-10) typically aren’t good developed swimmers, yet they love our trips. We have child-sized PFD’s and look after our smallest guests with great zest and joy.

“We just returned from a 3-day 2-night rafting trip with our family of five (children ages 7, 9, and 11). We tend to be picky travelers but I can honestly say there was not one improvement suggestion that I could make. Everything was perfect, including the food, planning, the guides…everything. We rarely take vacations that are 100% relaxing but this was exactly that. Paul, Morgan & co. were phenomenal across the board, fantastic with our kids, and great all around guides. The pre-trip planning was very well thought out and seamless. We will definitely be going again, and are in the process of talking all our friends into it as well. The one change we will make is to go for longer. 2 nights just doesn’t cut it!” ~Pierre, Portland, OR

“We felt like we were eating in a 5 star restaurant every meal! We really enjoyed all the guides and felt VERY WELL taken care of! Keep up the great work, what a treat for us to discover the beautiful Snake River, we will never forget this trip!” ~Bonnie and Randy, Eagle Point, OR

Need more convincing? Read our reviews on Trip Advisor. And check out more Winding Waters Testimonial Videos like the one below on our Youtube page.