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Feeding the ‘Mom Meter’

familyAdventuring together as a family is vital to my husband’s, my daughter’s, and my personal happiness. It creates so many wonderful memories and teaches us about each other. As head ‘Momma duck’ for our family, safety is the number one concern for my ‘duckling’. When determining whether a trip is safe and age-appropriate for our daughter, I ask many questions and rely on the trust-worthy advice I receive. My ‘Mom Meter’ takes into account all of this information and blends it with my intuition to determine if this adventure is in the green (i.e., appropriate and safe for her). Taking her on an adventure outside of her ability sends my ‘Mom Meter’ into the red and does not make for a relaxing, fun experience.

I have grown to appreciate our company on a whole new level in my role as Momma Duck. We have taken hundreds of families on the river in our 10 years as Winding Waters River Expeditions. And, because of the trust we earn with these families, many have returned to try out all of our rivers with us. Our guide crew, including my husband Paul as a lead guide, are a seasoned group of caring individuals who pay attention to every last detail. But safety is number one. And it’s this attention to safety that has sent many Mom Meter’s into the green.

So here’s a nod to all you adventuring Moms out there who love experiencing new things with your kiddos. I salute you.