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Give Back to The River

In 2016, will you run your fingers through the white sands of the Salmon, jump off Sturgeon Rock in Hells Canyon, or bird watch among the giant Ponderosas on the Grande Ronde? Book your trip now until Sunday, December 6th and we’ll give $100 in your name to Western Rivers Conservancy for every full-fare seat on our multi-day trips, plus send you a 21oz Hydroflask. Your donation will help insure rivers like our Salmon, Snake, and Grande Ronde will be accessible and healthy for generations to come.

We are very fortunate to run trips on beautiful, healthy rivers accessible to the public. Western Rivers Conservancy (WRC) is working to insure that access and health remains for future generations. They also acquire land to conserve critical river habitat and work to secure the health of whole ecosystems. On the Grande Ronde River at Minam, they purchased a part of the boat launch, securing public access, and turned it over to Oregon State Parks. On the Salmon River at Pine Bar, they purchased 1,284 acres to protect both public access and habitat for endangered fish species. The land is now managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Thank you for your visionary work, WRC.

Sunset on the Salmon
Snowhole Canyon
Class III and IV whitewater
Beautiful white sand beaches
Snowhole Rapid, Class IV Whitewater
Deep canyons where all you hear is the trill of Canyon Wrens & laughter from the group
Fascinating geology, including Columnar Basalt
Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep
Class III and IV whitewater
Beautiful white sand beaches and warm, crystal clear water.
Quality family time
A typical beach camp along the Salmon
Sumo wrestling…a hilarious scene
Rest, relax, and let us take care of everything
Native American pictograph site in Green Canyon
Cliff jumping
Wild caught salmon cooked on a cedar plank is one of our mouth-watering specialties.
The zen of the canyons
Perfect adventure for individuals, families, and groups
Farm fresh eggs (from our WWRE chickens), fresh breads, and seasonal fruits are always on the menu.
Dinner on the Salmon
Inflatable Kayak Fun!
Beach Bocce Ball