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The Power of Community

Community is everything in our rural corner of Oregon. The county we live in, Wallowa, is larger than the state of Rhode Island, with just a handful of people (a smidgen over 7,000). The saying “it takes a village” is used A LOT here. And we don’t think this community is unusual.

But what we do think is unique is how people pull together to get things done. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way is another local mantra. And a group that helps facilitate “getting things done” is the Enterprise-Joseph Lions Club (part of the larger Lions Club International).

Liability insurance is a large hurdle for volunteer groups wishing to accomplish big things. This Club has stepped up to provide both liability insurance and human-power to a few large community enterprises, including Ferguson Ridge Ski Area, the Wallowa Valley Ice Rink, and the Joseph City Park Playground Community Build. And to go one step further, this club also OWNS Ferguson Ridge Ski Area!

If you want to support this Lions Club’s work, buy a Nature Conservancy BUCK TAG! Only a few left!

Paul and Penny, both members of this Enterprise-Joseph Lions Club, are proud to be part of both of the ski area and the playground project. You may have read our winter blog post about the ‘Off Season’ discussing these activities.

Here’s a quick recap:

Paul is in charge of safety management on the river and in the winter, enjoys his roles with snow-safety management in our community: as Director of Ferguson Ridge Ski Patrol and Board Member for the Wallowa Avalanche Center. ‘Fergi’, as our local ski hill is affectionately called, is a local institution. It’s one of the last remaining community-owned and operated ski hills in the US and every person working at the hill is a volunteer. It boasts 630 vertical feet and a T-Bar up the center. Our community comes out of the wood-work in the winter to play together in the snow. Both Paul and Penny have patrolled there for nearly 10 years now and love it. The best part is seeing the kids learning to ski. And once the backcountry is ready to ski, the Wallowa Avalanche Center crew provides reports on snow conditions important for skier safety.

Penny is eye-ball deep in is the Joseph City Park Playground Renovation. This project involves the community 100% – from the Joseph Kindergarten through 6th graders helping design and fundraise to community volunteers building the playground April 25-30, 2017. And the Enterprise-Joseph Lions Club will be there helping to build the playground (along with providing event insurance for the build). Over $200,000 has been raised for the new playground. Come help us build the new playground SOON: April 25-30, 2017!

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