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Wallowa River Fishing Conditions Report

 February 22nd 2017

steelhead-euro fly

We should be down catching Steelhead on the Wallowa River right now but the Wallowa River fishing conditions are not cooperating.  In a typical year this would be prime time for Wallowa River Steelhead Fishing but this year the weather and flows are all over the place.  We went from deep winter, guide freezing temps to major thaw overnight and now the Wallowa is blown out with no real end in site.

There have been some brave anglers fishing for steelhead on the Wallowa river fishing conditions are not perfect right now.  Here is a link to the Stream flow gauge on the Wallowa River below Water Canyon. This gauge will give you a good idea of what is happening on the Wallowa.  Ideal flows are between 400 cfs and 800 cfs.  We don’t always get this in the spring time so the next best thing is consistency.

Wallowa River Stream Flow Gauge:


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